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NadjaB wrote: I will try the “cure” the old ladies recommended you Arijana.

I don’t know why I keep getting these infections. Maybe it’s because of candida?

I haven’t been tested this time, and the other times I only got tested once.

I’ve read in few places online that candida and E-Coli are “great friends” or that they follow each other often. If you can, you should get your urine tested. Doctor can offer antibiotics but you don’t have to take them, it’s up to you in the end. If it’s E-Coly, that could be mean and you should get it treated as it can harm your kidneys. My infection was so bad once that doctors were worried that I will loose the kidney function completely. Doctors kept giving me broad spectrum antibiotics which would help for a little while and then the minute I stop the infection would come back with full blast. Finally the had me on some mean drug which was taken via IV for about a week or 10 days (don’t remember quite now) and this helped. I had it come back two more times with kidney attacks and once even it touched my lungs as well. The last one I had was back in ’94, yay 🙂 I had few UTI’s but not as bad. Last one I had three years ago and almost made me have my girls month early but I got out of it 🙂

I highly recommend getting uva if you have access to it. It does alleviate the symptoms fairly quickly and it helps getting rid of the UTI. There is no house with female in Bosnia that does not have a tea or instant tea of uva 🙂

Good luck!