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Hi Nadja,

There is an herb called UVA which is traditionally used in my country to heal or help with bladder infections. We generally drink like 2 quarts of tea made from uva per day, but there are tinctures that you can purchase and take, and other supplements. Here are few english sites that mention it that I found in google.

I had UTI’s a lot when younger, but it all went away when I moved in California. Not sure if it was the climate, water quality (we drink water out of the faucet here) or the proper diet I had there (organic, mostly veggies and meat, kefir daily) that made it go away. I am back in my country for a third year and I am still fine, had irritated bladder few times but nothing more. Anyway, back to the subject, I was advised back then by old ladies to do the following for a month:
– drink lemon first thing in the morning for one weak
– drink mineral water first think in the morning (in my country there is only sparkling mineral water, not sure if it matters)
– repeat first week
– repeat second week

This used to help me. Now, I had my urine tested and I was battling E-Coli in my bladder and kidneys at that point so. Had sand in kidneys as well.

Did you have you urine tested for bacteria three days in a row?

Hope some of this helps.