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Thanks raster! I think I will try it, but maybe on the weekend to see if it will cause any kind of reaction.

It seems my die-off subsided after little over two weeks on the diet. I am taking it easy now, waiting to see if I can get my hands on the molybdenum and candida clear. I am experiencing some pain in kidneys, especially the left one which has some sand in it. I’m sure that there is more candida so I am sticking to the diet for now until I get more powerful antifungals and molybdenum to protect my liver and kidneys.

I should say one thing: two weeks of the diet returned me to pre-October time (most of the nasty symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, moodiness, irregular heartbeat, pressure in my neck, dry eyes, dry mouth, diarrhea, constantly freezing and blue fingernails, etc. are gone, I’m just left with some tiredness which is not as bad as month ago, dry/cracked skin in few places which is slowly improving, some lightness in my legs, occasional double-vision etc.)