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Thanks so much. This makes a lot of sense. If I see a naturopath or acupuncturist I will have a clear plan and they can treat whatever organs need to be addressed so I’m not constantly guessing. I have seen many different practitioners during the the past few years off and on but i havent stuck to one long enough and money is an issue. I guess I’m just worried that whatever effects I can get from alternative medicine won’t be strong enough based on how bad i am and ill have to wait six to eighteen months to see what those results might be. Plus I’m nursing so I cant take antifungals yet. So i guess ill have to wait a while to start anyway.. I feel like its an all or nothing approach with candida. Even though its probably not. I just remember taking one bite of sugar and symptoms would come back an instantly and last for a month whilst I went on an even stricter diet. But if I go the pharmaceutical route I may never find relief either. I tend to believe there is hope in the holistic approach.. I just don’t know what feeling good really feels like anymore and i hope its not to late psychologically. Thanks so much for your input!