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Thanks for the interpretation of Able’s post for me. When I read it I thought it might mean that, but I also thought you could back off of it if the die off became severe “from other things”. It was defiantly the biotin. I didn’t take it again and I feel functioning. I am planning on maintaining a steady state as best I can until I move in June and then I’m going to start all over from the beginning with everything on the protocol. I missed an entire month of work this past summer and can’t afford to be messing around right now. I have a very severe case – this will take me a long time to overcome and I’m sure it will be ugly when I hit it correctly again in June.

No messing around with biotin until then.

Thank you everyone who replied. Classic example of comprehension problems. It made me realize that most of these posts are written in brain fog and severe illness states. It’s amazing that we can all communicate and comprehend as much as we do.