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orka1998 wrote:

Biotin: 1000 mcg a day for four days, then 1000 mcg a day morning and evening after meals. You can start reducing the amount if the die-off becomes very strong, or once your Candida symptoms begin to lessen.
Normally, in addition to being in some of the food we eat, biotin is formed by beneficial bacteria in the system. But Candida sufferers are habitually deficient in beneficial bacteria (otherwise it’s doubtful that they would have contracted Candida). In studies, the majority of Candida sufferers who are tested show a deficiency of Biotin.

This is from Able’s post on vitamins/minerals ( so the way I interpret it is that it could cause die-off. Try not taking it and see if your symptoms improve or not.

Hope this helps!


I haven’t noticed too much on the biotin tbh, I’ve been taking the recommended vitamins and minerals now for a couple of weeks so hopefully I should start seeing some improvements there soon.