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PrettyInPink23 wrote: I have been taking exactly what the site says. I thought some were high doses, but I checked with my local health food store buddy and he said its a reasonable amount for someone fighting something off..

Has anyone here experienced nausea, neck pain/stiffness, dizziness, confusion from adding biotin–

I havent noticed anything new from the supplements (4 days now)…but I experience every single one of those symptoms everyday anyways. I learned that I gotta believe its normal or Ill go crazy.

Im dizzy, i black out when i stand up, i cant think, horrible. Hang in there

Those could be die-off symptoms. I had them all but I never took too much biotin because I was under some heavy die-off at the beginning of the treatment and was worried that it will make it worse.

Are you taking molybdenum and other die-off supplements/remedies? Any of them help?