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kjones02;49165 wrote: So, I have discovered taking possible 1 or 2 little pills that help stimulate my liver and gallbladder help in my elimination quite a bit. Does anybody else take anything to digest their fats? Sometimes, it can be too much for me, so it is a matter of balance.

Also, I do take hcl, as needed, when I feel I need to, but I probably do need to try more. That is a matter of balance for me, too. However, I still feel like my body still needs more support beside hcl at time to digest the proteins. I know Able does not like enzymes with protease, etc., but I am just curious what other people take.

One enzyme I decided I cannot live without though is this one:

It helps so much! It is just a low-dose one, mainly with herbs, and just a few enzymes, but I still need a couple extra supports, like the bile salts. I never realized till the naturopath suggested a couple extra things to support myself that my liver/gallbladder might be sluggish, when I complained I still felt like I needed something more sometimes for some meals. I guess it makes sense somewhat because of my gastroparesis, too. I do have an appt. coming up soon. Just getting other people’s opinion because most the time I still do better just eating veggies, and then a few carbs.

I looked at the label of the enzyme product you posted. It has enzymes to digest carbs. and fats but nothing for Protein! Protein digestion requires enzyme Protease. Here is a product that works for me:

As far as fat digestion, there are 3 parts to it. First the stomach needs HCL(Which you say you are taking and so am I) Off course, not everyone needs HCL, you got to get to know your body to see if you need it or not…. then there is bile which comes from the gallbladder… and here is where it gets tricky… some people (like me) only need help with bile FLOW, which means they need a supplement to help the gallbladder contract so the bile pours in the small intestine and digests the fats in the foods that just came in from the stomach…. in the case of people that just need help with bile flow supplements like Artichoke leaf extract or Sauerkraut or Sauerkraut juice will work. I use Artichoke leaf extract because Sauerkraut has cabbage and makes me bloat. Keep in mind this group have plenty of bile in their gallbladder but since the gallbladder is not contracting(I believe the problem stems from poor Peristalsis)they need that mechanical help.

But some people have a Bile Production problem meaning they either had their gallbladder removed(which means bile will come directly from the liver to the small intestine drop by drop which obviously takes too long) or their gallbladder does not make enough bile… (this is something you need to find out about your gallbladder by taking different supplements to see what helps with digestion)
For those people there are many supplements out there,… One that I have used in the past is called Lipo-Gen (look it up).. another popular product for people with not enough bile production is Ox Bile (but I hate that because it makes the breath smell bad IMO)

After food passes the bile stage, then there is a pancreatic enzyme called Lipase (if you look in the product’s label of the one you yourself posted you can see it has that enzyme), and if the person’s pancrease does not make enough Lipase, then supplementing with that enzyme is useful(as you are doing).. In my case, I don’t need Lipase so I don’t take any enzyme products with Lipase at the moment…

Every person is different you got to get to know your own body to see what it lacks and what it does not lack…. Good Luck