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Peyt, forgot to say thank you. I have noticed for protein (not on diet), but eating just a few bites of dried, unsulphured pineapple I get from my coop helps sometimes, probably b/c of the bromelain. However, I don’t want to get the extra sugar all the time, even though it is unsweetened and unsulphured. As far as ox bile, yes, I don’t think I tolerate it either.

I did have a talk with my nd the other day about bile salts; he recommended cholacol for me, instead of af betafood, and a different hcl, zypan. My stomach is very slow though, due to my gastroparesis, so I know, besides hcl, I need more digestive supplement. I think I might go for this for protein supplement as well for protein meals. Not too strong, but probably enough for the amount of protein I eat. what do u think?

I just need to start incorporating more foods again, as I have lost a little weight recently, but I was just sick, and I am less gassy than I used to be, not perfect, but better, used to be all the time. Now, it comes and goes, just depends.