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You don’t have to start over, you just need to do the diet longer before you eat normal foods again.

If you do things gradually, then your body can cope. For instance, after 6 months on the diet I reintroduced potatoes (starch/sugar) and haven’t had any problems whatsoever. After 4 months I reintroduced almond butter. I recently started to eat some fruits and no surprises. One step at a time, thats all I gotta say.

Take some antifungals and probiotics and it’ll kill off the short term blooming of the candida. You probably can go to where you were at before you ate these things within 1-2 weeks (at the longest hopefully). Its just a short term thing.

Don’t get too cocky with trying things out again or else this could happen; I know you feel like you can weather the storm but I think it feels good to feel warm and dry.