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I was eatin coconut bread every day so I think I developed some intolerance to it. Rice flour is great when I made my bread but since I cut out the flours I’ve noticed my bloating is better a little. I just finished my antibiotic xifixam for sibo. The bloating seems better, except I was eating eggs everyday and think I developed intolerances to them now. Blah. So I bloated and lots of mucous, my acid reflux issue. I just have to rotate what I can eat. I even cut out brocolli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower for now. Lots if salads, meats, avacado, and some almond butter for some extra calories and filler. I ate the goat yogurt and it tastes awful even with a ton of cinnomon on it. But I was trying to get some good bacteria slowly back in me. I’ll have to crack open some goat kefir. Yuk