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Yeah, I am almost considering the same thing, and just getting my fiber from veggies because I don’t mind snacking on veggies. I hate to say it, but if I really want some carbs; I’ll have to stick to rice flour; I’ll just try to not eat it all the time. I don’t think millet flour bothers me that much. I am thinking I should cut out buckwheat and coconut for awhile, but if I really want it; just a very small amount to mix in my recipes; like 2 tbsp. or 1/4 cup like a recipe says most the time; not pure 100% of the flour. Keep me updated mooch! Hang in there!! Oh, I’ve mixed oat flour in my recipes, and I seem absolutely fine in that, but I have only really been eating it on a version of life cereal that I made up that is gluten free. 1/2 oat flour and 1/2 brown rice flour. I love it!!!