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Thanks Danny.

I just didn’t think it could be die-off, because it’s been going on since mid-June, and I haven’t increased anything in the meantime. Just feels wierd.

I had none yesterday and had minimal the day before (2 tablets instead of 3 per meal) and yesterday I had hardly anything. I just relied on my swedish bitters.

By the way – I’ve just started doing enemas, and currently had been able to do them every 4 days – and the last couple of times I’ve done one, about 5 hours later & for the rest of the day, I got chronic flatulence. I have only used about 600-700 ml distilled water, nothing added, and no discomfort at all.
The water is heated correctly, there’s no cramping or air going into my colon.

But it really feels uncomfortable, giving me bad gas and bloat about 5 hours later.

I don’t know if it’s because there’s new fermentation going on, or die-off or rapid colonisation of bacteria.
I read it may be because some of the faecal matter may be newly exposed and available to the bugs for fermentation. So I should do another enema shortly after?

Others have used coffee or saline etc enemas and seem to get something instantly if they’re doing it wrong. But not 5 hours later and for the rest of the day.