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Hello, Violet.

I understand your frustration. I believe you’ve come to the right place. The well-versed “experts” here on the forum, mainly Able900, have put lots of time into curing their infestations. Many people here have had success on the strict diet. After 4 weeks I have started to live a normal life again but I have only just begun to cure myself.

If I were you I would consult someone who has had success in curing their infestation, allowing them to guide you as you seek information. Starting from square 1 in researching candida will lead you down contradicting paths and much literature advertises a product that the author wants you to purchase. The treatment does not have to be expensive. However, you must not stray from a lifestyle that will heal you; if you do, then yes the journey will be costly, painful, and possibly never end. I feel the temptations to eat deep dish pizza, pies, and other goodies my family cooks regularly. However, I believe it is crucial to stick with a restricted healing diet, necessary supplements, and the desire to heal thyself.

Able900 has a strict diet and protocol that provides a list of permitted foods, a general timeline, and supplements such as anti-fungals and vitamins. I respect your zealous efforts to seek information. All the terms, chemical compounds, and possible issues are mind-boggling… We’re here to help!