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Bansaw;53429 wrote:

I was working at the herb farm when the Essiac recipe first came out in the late 80’s,early 90’s.
We couldnt put it together fast enough to sell.
Recently they have found herbs that play together a little nicer than that formula, and achieve a quicker response, but I say do what your DRAWN to.

happy birthday ! By the way, – whats more effective than Essiac? Essiac was kindof expensive so I am looking for an alternative. Mountain rose herbs provide a good value but they omit the sheep sorrel roots (some people say these are essential…?)

I use Mountain Rose for almost all single-herbs I need, especially organic essential oils.
Their quality is outrageous. I also have used Frontier Coop, and they will not disappoint either. They used to supply our sheep sorrel at the farm in the 90’s.

So there is this one formula, and its not well known, but you can can check out the ingredients-list and look up each herb individually.Its not different or weird, you are probably familiar with everything in it already.
I think because chapparel is considered potentially toxic (but isnt water if you drink too much?) its on the down-low.

Go to Drmorsesherbalhealthclub and use the search function to look up “heal all”.
read all the notes they offer about it.

His metal detox,lymph cleaner,endocrine formula, I have checked out all the formulas, and most of them I like the ingredients of.
Some scare me, because they contain heavy-duty “big-gun” herbs that are too strong for me.

I trust this doctor, as I have written to him and he addressed my concerns for free and helped me (without pushing his products!).