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Bozley, I want to give you a warning from personal experience with nuts/seeds and quinoa.

I ate roasted and salted sunflower seeds everyday (1-2 cups) for 4 months straight, and I only noticed “mucuous production” as the only negative symptom associated with them. Then, wham…I started to gag, choke, get headaches, and almost die from the allergic reaction I got from them every time I ate them. The candida in my body got used to the molds, and my body responded violently. Never went back to eating them since…

The same thing happened with quinoa when I was early in the diet. I was trying to find a substitute for rice because I was allergic to that at one time (and it contains sugars/starches)…so I ate quinoa every single day for 4 days straight. No reaction to it whatsoever, until day 4. On day 4 I had the same violent reaction; headaches, gagging, coughing, and the “leaky gut burn” reaction. Haven’t ate it until a week ago and I am not allergic to it anymore. I am not planning on eating it in the future and am sticking to buckwheat (which is safe for me).

So eat everything that is bad in moderation (low amounts). I feel that its best to avoid these foods, but everyone likes variety, right?