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Red bell peppers are phase 2 food item:

I think it’s up to you how you are going to do the diet. What’s been said here are suggestions based on the experience of several people who are healed and it’s up to us if we are going to follow it or not. I started on the web site’s diet, but then slowly transferred to the forum’s protocol and now I try to follow this one instead.

Red bell pepper is left to ripen on the plant before it’s picked and contains more sugar. Green bell pepper is picked before fully ripening (turning red) so it contains less sugar and this is why it’s on the phase 1. It’s up to you to determine your risks, but truth is that red bell peppers have more sugar and if you eat them this much, I am afraid that you might be feeding the candida with it. Can you just transition to green ones? I do know they taste little different but not that much in my opinion.

Consuming seeds and dried foods without soaking/baking or roasting process bring a risk of consuming mold which favors candida. The way I understand soaking/roasting removes most of the mold, so there is a risk that some of it still stays. I wanted to be safe so I cut them out completely.