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Do you have any type of reaction or symptom worsening from smells? i.e. cant stand the smell of perfumes or basements make your ears worse or anything like that? At a glance with the limited info available. It sounds like you either have some wicked bug (other than candida, possibly in your gut, think viral, parasite, lyme) extreme sensitivities to who knows what- but can include environmental, food, mold & mycotoxins(which you are producing on your own), and residents of the gi tract- neuro autoimmunity, neurotoxicity (mercury), or a serious inability to detox (broad or specific cause, including mycotoxins specifically) or any combination of these. The tests mentioned above will help alot in figuring out if/what. If you can swing the HDRI methylation panel in place of just glutathione, do it, it wouldnt cost that much more. Some of those tests are expensive, but they’re your best bet. And yes, your immune system is going after candida according to that test, enough that you would feel it, and possibly enough to create systemic inflammation thats pretty bad if your immune system is malfunctioning, and if your autoimmune…

I would place any amount of money in the world though that your glutathione numbers are in the dirt.

One thing you must do is be VERY careful with any treatments at this point. It seems like its 100 x easier to hurt yourself than to do good when your at that point. The first step that good cfs doc’s take is to find as many loads that are being placed on the immune system as they can and then help the body with them. If a person is hypersensitive or cant detox this can get tricky (so it is helpful to establish this before it becomes a problem), but needs to be done. Supplementing hormone deficiencies is usually a front line treatment as well. Sensitivities and allergies need to be addressed and eliminated as much as possible up front as well. I would focus on this first. I could go from normal, happy, clear headed, energetic me to suicidal, freaked out, unable to follow a tv show or get out of bed in a matter of minutes if i provoked my sensitivities to their max. Some people have a genetic inability to clear mycotoxins due to a specific malfunction in the immune system that results in being mycotoxic and hyperinflamed. If that is the case, then specifically detoxing mycotoxins would be a front line treatment.

That should be enough to keep you busy for a while.

Good post george. Thumbs up buddy.