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WilliamHolst wrote: I had been on the diet for 3 weeks prior and i was seeing some benifits. Then I made some coconut bread with 3 tsp of baking powder with corn starch in it. I ate like 3 slices and later in the night all of my symptoms came back worse then they were before. I decided I am gunna stick strictly to chicken and vegetables and nothing else cause I cannot have it come back again like that. It was so bad for a couple days I didnt even wanna live.

Thank you for that information. I had been on the diet for a couple of months before I discovered coconut bread.

Most people have no reaction at all to the bread, but apparently you were on the borderline between having the full force of symptoms and ‘seeing some benefits.’ But your story may mean that I need to change the time for starting the coconut bread on the protocol and diet … I should probably stipulate that very minor symptoms should be the case when starting the bread.

Thanks again, Able