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beltina wrote: I would still like to have a general idea when I’ll beging to see some results in these toenails.

If your toenails have thickened, they’ll need to be filed and cut before treatment as below the layers is where the fungi have made themselves at home.

Sterilize your nail file before and after use.

Cut the nail back as far as you can. Then file the top of it down so that the inner nail is exposed.

Rub thyme essential oil into the nail completely. Listerine’s active ingredient is thyme oil so you can also use Listerine.

Keep the nail cut and filed as it grows back out and rub the thyme oil on it every day. This is of course going to take time as the nails can’t grow all that fast, but at least you’ll be going forward towards a cure every day.

In the meantime, you need to expose your feet to sunshine and air as much as possible and wear loose fitting shoes when you have to wear them. Sandals would be even better.

Meanwhile you should be on the Candida diet and protocol.