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yeah itis hosted by dr christian but it was the irish female who recommeded it for its ability to destroy biofilm that comes with chronic infection and antibiotic use or something like that . that show has helped thousands of people suffering from various things and i myself went to visit them last year and was given a refferal to the best neurosugical team in the country for a nerve entrapment ive had for years so in my and many people minds they are very trust worthy and nice people actually – colloidal silver isnt a homeopathic its just a potent natural infection killer which you would have to take mass quantitys for many many years to develop argyria and it also depends on weather you buy it from a reputable company i bet these argyria people made the silver themselves , watch youtube blogs from people who use it and they say good things about it , it was actually a homeopath who diagnosed me with candida via a vega test when my gp and a gastro dr had no clue to what was wrong with me so these people are not dangerous in my mind since they have figured out my problems and are helping me . i can tell ya that diflucan cause more problems than silver in my experience since i took that for 2weeks and ended up with stomach ulcer type problems and diarrhea that was severe for weeks after , you cannot knock something unless youve tried it and ive tried both plus i think that the diflucan only suspends the yeast coz all my symptoms came back worse after and the silver kills pathogens in minutes . as for the liver pain i dont know its possible that the silver has killed so much candida that my liver cant handle it then if so its my fault for not starting off slow – not the silvers , prescription antifungals have tons of side effects and are reccomended on this site , not disrespecting this site as i think its brilliant and use a few supplements reccomended on here .