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colliodal silver is one of the easiest things to make, and they charge huge money for it. Im not sure of the health effects…. i have seen advertising that it is good for inflammation and has antibacterial properties.. but as for the long term health effects, who knows what it does for adverse effects.

but lets look at the facts… metals are not something that is really associated with good health, it is seen as a toxin. You would think it would have the opposite effect than antioxidants would. Your cells are constantly moving, antioxidants lubricate them so they can contact each other more easily. It also protects them from cellular damage. Free radicals such as dirt, toxins and metals just create more friction, and in turn cause more damage to the cells. the cells are constantly reproducing cells, if they didnt than we would die. But if the cells become abnormal from free radicals, then they reproduce abnormal cells. This is what causes bad health and cancer. In order to treat fungal infections you need very strong ppms so there is even greater risk.

Is it really worth the risk? I know how to cure cancer but it isnt cheap, it costs between $2000-4000 to make enough hemp oil to cure serious cancers.. and thats if you know where to find good weed.

What i recommend is that you eat as much antioxidants as you can… look up antioxidant foods on google. Then find the ones that you are allowed to eat on stage 1 of the diet, this will protect your prostate. Some foods off the top of my head are garlic, ginger, broccoli… theres maybe more though, look it up.

I thought it was going to take me years to get my candida better… i had it so bad that you couldnt tell my tongue was pink at all.. even right after brushing the hel out of my mouth. I had athletes foot deep in my nails, ringworm all over my body. just by follwing the protocol for this website, i got rid of 95% of the candida… then i finished it off with a fruit cleanse. My immune system is very bad because i have stage 3 adrenal exaustion… which is where you body stores vitamin C… but the diet is really all you need though trust me. I am now cured even though i messed up the diet quite a few times.