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After listening to that podcast that I posted, I decided to go to the local book store and buy the book: Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gloria Gottschall

The book was written decades ago, but I am learning so much from it already… just finished the 3rd chapter… all the stuff it say about extra production of mucus is me!

Currently I am taking the following:
SF722 6 pills (2/2/2)
TriEnza with DPP IV Activity(Enzymes)- 1 capsule w lunch 1 capsule with dinner
HCL 350mg 1 tablet with lunch 1 tablet with dinner
Sauerkraut or homemade yogurt – with either lunch or dinner
Royal Jelly – with dinner (this has not helped with Candida but helps with energy and other stuff)
Beano – 1 tablet when I am having Sauerkraut
Molybdenum – 150mg (x2) – 1 with lunch 1 with dinner
Nettle Tea – 2 cups a day
I also take some Chinese Medicine Formulas but those are to help other stuff unrelated to Candida/SIBO

Here is what I am considering adding in the next few days/weeks:
1. Bee Propolis –
2. Oregon Grape Root / Coptis / Golden Seal (Basically a form of Berberis)
3. peppermint gels (Need to look further into this one)
4. Milk Thistle