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moochpb;43166 wrote: I just went over my results about sibo and yeast with a new naturpath because I felt my md didn’t read them properly. For a month I m gonna cut out all probiotics because with sibo it can be too much good plus bad. She said keep killin the yeast with my yeast stuff but add peppermint gels for my sibo. She said we kill the stuff then start over by adding probiotics. That makes sense since I have been on probiotics for a long time now which can contribute to sibo and my bloating. She is having me add apple cider vinegar twenty minutes before meals and to keep taking the bitters. She also is having me drink chamollile tea, don’t know how to spell it, but its supposed to help soothe the digestive track. Also she gave me a castro oil roller that is supposed to help with bloating once a night. I put it on my stomach and put a warm towel over it for twenty minutes. Kinda interesting. So hopefully this plan helps and I have to stay away from a few different veggies, lentils and beans. So I know some people were curious about the sibo treatment with yeast so I hope this helps. Hope this sounds good, and I hope it works.

Hi Moochpb,

Because of your posts, I have been reading and educating myself about SIBO. So thanks so much.
I am now realizing that my symptoms of leaky gut and small intestine problems could very well be the SIBO. I met with a Chiropractor about 6 months ago and she did some testing and determined I had Leaky Gut in the Small Intestine, but did not use the phrase SIBO.

As I am reading and listening to podcasts about SIBO (Such as this one: ) I am learning that for the purpose of SIBO its best to kill the bacteria first before starting Probiotics.

So I am just starting SF722 and wondering if that is enough to kill the bacteria??? I mean, what are you currently using? I am also considering adding Oregon Grape Root …. But wanted to ask you about all the supplements you are taking so we can compare notes….