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rose8marie wrote: Hello all!
Not sure when my last post was, but I’m pretty sure it was sometime in November. Last time I was on here I had just started the Candida diet and was finding it hard to stay on it with all the food that my family cooks. I felt isolated and almost as if I was being snooty not eating what everyone else was eating.
So needless to say, I stopped the diet and failed miserably.
For a while I was fine, I tried limiting yeast and sugar as much as I could, but my sweet tooth (or the Candida’s sweet tooth) got the better of me. I have had recurring vaginal yeast infections in the past and after Easter’s candy, cake, and plenty of sweetened drinks, the yeast came back. I am so sick of having to deal with this that I am truly going to try and stick to the diet. I figure I’ll just focus on the meat (which I do love a good filet) and vegetables that are low in carbs. I can deal with cutting out most carbohydrates, but potatoes are still going to have to be there (I love potatoes!)
I hope that this works out and I’ll keep an update coming.

And lastly, I just wanted to thank everyone who contributes to this site, even if you don’t get a reply to a post or a message, there is someone that was helped by your post and I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words, encouragement, and their tasty recipes 😉


My advice on top of Rasters is to use this site often. When I feel my absolute worse I use this site to motivate me. When I feel good I use this site to further my research and support others going through this.

Everyone here took the time to help me when I first started so I want to do the same.

Any questions always ask – no question is a stupid question. We all learn by asking.