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raster wrote: I am wondering why you stated that the vitamins feed the candida? Does it have bad ingredients like maltodextrin?

I think West was referring to the minerals. Candida and other unfriendly microbes can use them to make/maintain biofilms. This is probably why candida sufferers are deficient in them in the first place.

I don’t understand the biochemistry well enough to judge what kind of effect the supplements would have. All I know is that if you chose to disrupt the biofilms, you’d want to quit the mineral supplements until you finished such a protocol.

I haven’t been researching any more on the topic, since it’s not something I’m ready to do yet. But after reading about Positivo’s progress it makes me wonder. If he has them, one slip-up could mean a return of symptoms, which is a scenario that could potentially repeat indefinitely. Perhaps it’s possible that restoring gut flora while keeping candida in check could provide the means to naturally erode the biofilms? Or maybe a biofilm protocol could be attempted after the inital abatement in symptoms? It’d be nice to know such things.