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mygutleaks;39908 wrote: high levels of candida in a HUGE % of our population (due to the overuse of antibiotics).

I do not think antibiotics have anything to do with autism.

My country is very comparable to the USA. Except for the prescription of antibiotics: we have about the smallest use of antibiotics in the entire developed world.

Yet, the prevalence of autism is about equal to what you have in the USA.

This makes me conclude that the abuse of antibiotics that seems so common in the USA cannot be the cause of autism.

raster wrote: Children now have to take over 100 vaccines

100 vaccines? That too would be way, way more than what children receive in my country. If this is really true, I mean, if you really over-vaccinate that much, then that only proofs that vaccinations do not cause autism either. If they would, then the number of autistic children would be higher in the USA than in my country – but they are not.

Anyway, thanks for reminding me: I still have to do some more writing about viruses and vaccinations in my virus saga. I hope to find some time soon.

raster wrote: I mean, have you ever met someone who had measles or polio?

This proofs the effectiveness of measles and polio vaccinations. Stop vaccinating, and these diseases will soon re-appear. Some countries have actually tried it. The results were devastating.