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impossible;43011 wrote: I’m putting this out there because its practically unheard of and VERY important for some us candida sufferers. We should all at a minimum have our homocysteine level checked (though this being ok doesnt rule out the possibility of a problem). I understand that it is very confusing to learn, near impossible if you are in a state of brain fog and dont have a background in physiology and biochemistry. But at least take in the simple parts and try to understand what you can. This is one of those things that can definately prevent a person from healing and affects more of us than one would think. They say up to 20% of us have some sort of mthfr mutatation, and there are at least a dozen other genes that can have mutations that affect these same cycles. Plus, these pathways get hit pretty hard during infections like ours even if you dont have mutations and this can lead to problems that wont/cant resolve themselves in some cases. I digress and leave you all with this, consider it a jumping off point:

PS- I am not an expert in this area, at all. I too am still dealing with some brain fog and only have knowledge in a broad sense of this area with only a few specific bits and pieces. I am hoping to change that soon, but it will be long process undoubtedly. If this looks like it might be important in your case or just wish to learn more, I recommend going through Dr. Yasko’s site thoroughly as she breaks down the basics into simple to understand lessons the best. Enjoy:)

Mercury toxicity is a hidden cause affecting methylation and pushing the immune system toward to a humoral response.