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I had ringworm from summer 2003 until summer 2009 — six years with the same spots on both arms and occasional outbreaks on my whole body. I should’ve known then that I had candida! I know ringworm and athlete’s foot are different, but the treatments are often similar so I wanted to chime in.

When I had it, I tried everything I could find — clotrimazole (OTC and prescription), terbinafine, miconazole, epsom salts, tea tree oil, garlic and herb poultices, scrubbing, powdering, etc. I went through so many tubes and bottles of antifungals! Finally one night I read about bathing in a mix of epsom salts, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and herbs (I think I used lavendar and chamomile in tea strainers). Whether it was good luck and good timing, or the bath, my ringworm cleared up almost overnight. I attribute it to the apple cider vinegar, since I know it can help normalize/restore your skin’s pH, which provides a less-than-ideal home for those nasty fungi. I’ve had ringworm once or twice since, but just had a bath with a healthy dose of ACV and that did the trick!

Able offers some very good advice for athlete’s foot — wish I had know about coconut oil and oil of oregano when I had ringworm. Just wanted to put another remedy out there. Everyone’s body works differently and is unbalanced for different reasons, so find what works for you.