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AnotherIdol wrote: I now have scabs on my scalp too. They do not itch and do not bother me, however when picked to remove the dead skin they leak a clear liquid.

Scabs on my scalp was a symptom for me but there was no seepage of liquid though I am bald so had no hair to irritate it or had to shampoo it thoroughly however I am on week 10 of my diet and this particular symptom has all but gone and most of my other symptoms of gut aches/muscle aches amongst others are quite mild at the moment. What I can DEFINITELY say is that I feel better than I did before starting the diet and feel comfortable that the trouble I get at the moment is die off related as I’ve introduced probiotics and anti fungals.

What I’m trying to say is that though it can be hard at the start if you show perserverence and self discipline then it will get easier