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It is my opinion that when mercury/heavy metals are the problem and are detoxed, it frees up the entire process of natural detoxification, cell creation, antioxidant status, and in many ways immune balance. Plus it is awesome at detoxing alot of circulating/settled immune complexes and does other things like busts up biofilms, kills free radicals, bolsters cell membranes, etc. The detox agents even have thes effects directly. Plus they cause a reduction in macrophage inflammation, which reduces microglia(they are macrophages) inflammation and thus less neuro inflammation. This leads to a much better frame of mind/less stress, and we all know how powerful that can be.

When the cell is in an oxidized state, it stands that intracellular reduced glutathione is in short supply. When this happens, immune cells actually stimulate Th2 immunity instead of Th1. I think this is one of the major factors. Many people actually clean up chronic candidiasis with high doses of selenium, thats exactly what that supplementation counters. Same with viral infections. I think its really a combination of everything. But, natural methylation holdups due to genetics and esp with any toxic load will result in the same problem. There can also be other genetic mutations such as sod that result in alot less glutathione production. Mold/lyme mycotoxin exposure can really %#$& up someones immune system in more ways than average mercury exposure can. And if you think a Th2 dominant immune system is bad, a Th3 dominant one is even worse. With the extreme numbers of TGF-b that happens with mycotoxin exposure along with a source of of IL-10 that comes from the inevitable viral activation (TGF-b actually directly activates virus’s) you have Th3 dominance. Then you NO active lymphocyte driven immune activity (due to Th3 suppression & suppressing cytokines from the bugs and immune system), no sIgA, and a TON of inflammation. Lyme/coinfections even actually cause peripheral immune T cells to become iTregs. Dr Shoemaker is a good source of info on what mold can do to a person. 25% of the population actually has innate immune genetics that prevent them from being able to present mycotoxin antigens to t cells properly, so they never get detoxed. Then the innate immune system becomes hypersensitive to these toxins. 95% of chronic lyme sufferers actually have these genetics (lyme produces mycotoxins). This is also a reason some people have such bad herx reactions, candida is a also a source of some of those mycotoxins.

And like I said, wheres there’s candida, there’s other bugs, and where there’s other bugs, there’s even stronger immune suppression.

FYI phytosel is the only selenium I recommend for candida sufferers, 800 mcg day, and for some reason it is hard to find right now.