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raster;52049 wrote:
You don’t need a frickin’ DNA panel done! This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. IN order to heal the methylation cycle, the single most important thing you need to worry about beforehand is your body pH levels. If you are acidic the methylation cycle will basically completely unwind and you are wasting your time and money. Your body pH NEEDS to be close to neutral for any methylation cycle to be effective.

Additionally, in order to heal the methylation cycle, you need the heal the whole frickin’ cycle. You can do this without any testing at all, you just need to know a good professional to consult who can give/advise you the best supplements. It costs hundreds of dollars per month just to address the methylation cycle (FYI).

You have to address a variety of things within the body first before you to anything with the methylation cycle. You need to stabilize the immune system, get the candida mostly under control, and you need to get all of your organs stabilized (such as liver). Certain overgrowths such as microbes need to be addressed before you start to do it.

The biggest disruptors of methylation cycles is caseine (dairy) and gluten. If you are consuming oat bran and (north american) cow’s yogurt, this is disrupting your methylation cycle. You need to make dietary changes before you fix the cycle and these need to be mostly permanent changes.

I’m just sharing the advice I got from my naturopath who knows all about this. He likely would agree with the article and most importantly, he would agree with dvjorge’s statement:

“What happens with candida sufferers is there are many variable and underlying causes. Each person need to figure out and research if any hidden cause is impeding the success of an anticandida protocol. Here is where heavy metals, co-infections, adrenal fatigue,and any immune load should be investigated. Keep in mind, that even a “healthy” person gonna have a battle to eradicate an intestinal yeast overgrowth caused by antibiotics. Candida has many resources to survive anti-yeast medicines and an immune response against it.”

I think my naturopath would likely do something like this as a protocol:

-stabilize the patient and their symptoms, heal the organs that are damaged all together at the same time.
-get patients immune system stronger via healing the thyroid
-get patients pH to neutral
-attack these co-infections such as microbes, bacteria, viruses, etc.
-chelate heavy metals
-then address methylation cycle

Of course these treatments likely overlap, but I want to point out that the methylation cycle healing is the last thing he addresses and not the first.


Im sorry, but you dont have a damn clue what you are talking about here and giving advice like that when you dont, especially when its something that can have as much of an effect as this, with sick people, is downright DANGEROUS. PERIOD. Yes, you have to rid of inflammation and infections first, but anything you have said otherwise is absolute misinformation. You had better be careful or you could be be responsible for really hurting somebody.