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dvjorge;51970 wrote:

I agree with some things about this article and disagree with others.

A chronic intestinal yeast overgrowth isn’t always triggered by the same cause. It is absolutely true the immune system plays a big role allowing it or not, but the antagonistic friendly microbiome also plays a role.

We need to recognize the fact that a severe disruption of the friendly flora allows yeast proliferation and germination in the intestines. Yeast metabolites maneuver the immune system to the point they can paralyze cell-mediated immunity. It is the same overgrowth that causes the immune unbalance many times.

The most common scenery is someone who takes antibiotics and develops this syndrome. Yes, it is true no everybody who takes antibiotics develops chronic candidiasis. This is probably linked to the length of the antibiotic course, potency of the antibiotic, condition of the intestinal flora and the immune system.

What happens with candida sufferers is there are many variable and underlying causes. Each person need to figure out and research if any hidden cause is impeding the success of an anticandida protocol. Here is where heavy metals, co-infections, adrenal fatigue,and any immune load should be investigated. Keep in mind, that even a “healthy” person gonna have a battle to eradicate an intestinal yeast overgrowth caused by antibiotics. Candida has many resources to survive anti-yeast medicines and an immune response against it.

Anything that benefits and balance the immune system is a good new for candida sufferers.


I mostly agree, to a point. Other bugs exert an even greater influence on the immune system than candida can, and if there is enough of an immune breakdown to allow a candida infection, you can bet these guys are present too, and most likely preceded it. This is purely the argument I make. If candida overgrowth was the main problem, then prolonged successful treatment with antifungals should be enough to sway things back in the immune systems favor. This is rarely the case, it almost always comes back. How many other infections are there that are like that? I dont think its because candida is that much of a bad ass at all, its just not the problem. I dont think any “healthy” people get candida overgrowths, not that arent fixed in a matter of a few weeks anyways, which happens, ive seen it myself. I dont see antibiotics as a cause, just a trigger. I’ll even point this out, in every immunology report I’ve read T cells drawn from an infected person stimulated with candida antigen elicit mainly an IFN-g responses. And when isolated from iTregs (from “washing”) and Th3 cells response normalizes. Those dont occur in sufficient numbers to dampen immune response because of candida. Any studies I have seen that created a delayed response in an anergic person used therapies that combated exactly the effects of other bugs and/or mycotoxin illness. I would be willing to bet the farm that cytokine profiles from crc sufferers would show large amounts of IL-10 and TGF-b.