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jamesf;41608 wrote: I read a post on curezone that said brain activity feeds Candida too! Apparently the incidence of Candida is much much lower among Republican politicians. This is also why goldfish do not suffer from Candida at all. I didn’t understand the science but apparently this pesky yeast feeds off midichlorians that are produced by excess brain activity.

If you’re worried about a possible Candida outbreak, you need to reduce your brain activity as much as possible. Personally I watch the Kardashians on the E! channel. Longer term solutions might involve surgery or taking a job as a sports mascot.

RYANCREST;41558 wrote: Anyone know if buckwheat pasta is acceptable? By the way is air acceptable? I thought someone on this forumn said breathing air feeds candida. I’m just checking

Love this James! ***grabs the remote and turns on the Kardashians and begins watching***