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Alleycatsprat wrote: Just wondering if any of you are having issues with appetite? Feels like the yeast is there filling up space and digestion is slow. I’m on day 3 of phase 1. I’m still waiting for the die off symptoms…

Do any of you know when they might start happening?
So far I’ve been eating:
Goat Yogurt
Sunflower oil
Olive Oil
Garlic Cloves in the AM

Hello, AC.

Die-off symptoms can start at literally anytime during the cleanse or even after the cleanse has been completed, one simply can’t predict when it will start for any particular case of Candida.

Adding more garlic gloves could start the die-off process. Are you prepared to handle the die-off symptoms once they start?

To help the initial cleanse part of the diet, if you’re not allergic to eggs, you might try adding organic eggs to your diet and leaving the chicken alone for a few weeks.

Is the goat’s milk yogurt you’re eating commercially purchased or are you making it yourself?