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anna wrote: Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
Please let me know if you use the EMAIL button regularly, or if you would be happy to see it disappear.

I’m afraid my vote goes with email over a PM, and I have no problem with the members sending messages to my email account. But I sometimes have a problem with the PM box being full through the day; a guy has to work, etc, so it’s sometimes difficult to keep it empty in which case the members have to go on the forum and ask me to empty my box (I’m assuming that these are members who are unaware of the “Email” icon). I will normally reply to them by email instead of PM and ask them to reply to my email if they need to continue the conversation. I guess this is saying that if I couldn’t use email as a way of corresponding, then I would need much more space in the inbox on the forum.

Just my two cents.

Thanks, Able