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Hello larry,

If your immune system is suppressed by something like candida or parasites, it will be unable to do its basic core functions to heal and survive. So in other words, your bodies resources are being spent on healing and fighting candida and its neglecting other bodily tasks such as oral health.

After being on the diet for 1 year 2 months, I can safely say I’ve been cavity free for the last year! I was out of work for 2 years before starting the diet and I had 9 cavities (when I was my illest). Going from that many cavities to none is a pretty big improvement in my opinion! I still brush my teeth the same (once a day) so nothing else has changed other than my immune system health and my diet.

I’d also consider contacting my naturopath who makes magnesium chloride which purifies the blood in the body and removes plaque from the blood. It also removes uric acid deposits and promotes colon health. Its also antifungal.