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+Christian+ wrote: Ok so I am new here and I just started the diet. I have fasted for 2 days by eating only vegetables and drinking water. My tongue has actually cleared up nice in this short amount of time and there isnt much white on it anymore, but im still a little worried if there is another source of candida overgrowth hiding in my intestines or elsewhere. I was wondering how would you know if you are cured or not? Im sure this takes a lot of time to get better but how do you know when you are fully cured? Ive read that this diet just helps alleviate symptoms of Die Off but the yeast can still feed off the endless supply of sugar in your blood.

Hi mate and welcome to our forum!
You will know that the candida will be back to normal and in control when you have no symptoms more. Even after this most people suffer for a while because the leaky gut and intestines need a longer time to heal. We have worked out a protocol you can read and follow which is the best way to start to get an understanding and grip on the candida situation.

Our diet here on the food allowed page is designed to help you heal and at the same time not to feed the candida.

After you have read and studied and you still have question we are here to help you beating that terrible sickness!