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Kag;43472 wrote: I have had rosacea since I was in my mid-20’s. While, knock on wood, my facial rosacea seems to have not gotten worse, I am concerned that it is moving to my eyes. Has anyone on here, while on the diet, had problems with their eyes. I have had problems roughly since the beginning of March, but have always had problems off and on with styes, redness and a chalazion once. It could just be getting worse due to being outside more but I wondered if yeast could also have an effect on my oil glands and tear ducts. I know that rosacea is thought to be bacterial in origin but nobody is really sure…

I am still on the diet although modified slightly, I have a few carbs outside of veg from time to time. I am not completely strict anymore. I still take garlic, another antifungal, coconut oil and a probiotic every day. My lip problem seems to be gone for the most part. Any helpful advice would be lovely, thank you!

I used to have eye styes every week.
This was when I was in my worst phase. The styes were the main reason which made me to start think about my health, and finally made me familiar with candida.

They stopped only after I started taking diflucan, I have been taking 200mg diflucan every day for the past 6+ months. No diet was stopping the styes with out diflucan.

Right now I am detoxing Mercury from my body, Once I do it I will stop taking diflucan and see if the styes will come back.