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Helen dear, you’re not alone at all. Each and every one of us has felt all the feelings you’ve explained at one time or another during the course of our treatment of Candida. There are several points early on that you just can’t seem to imagine that one day it will all be different, but it really will. That’s especially true if you are absolutely dedicated to the idea of being completely healthy again the way you were at one time. Keep that ideal and healthy “you” in your mind always. Use your imagination to know what it will feel like when you’ve got your health back and feel like a million dollars looking for place to be spent. Putting an idea or goal in your mind, seeing it and feeling it, is the first step to that goal, trust me, I’ve done it far too many times to listen to anyone tell me it’s not.

As far the feelings of off-balance and tiredness, those are both symptoms of the die-off that’s probably taking place. Have you read my other posts about Candidate and Molybdenum? These are both great products which helped me tremendously when I was going through a bad period of having die-off every day. The Candidate is from Native Remedies, and if you can’t find it in a health food store, it’s on the Internet. Molybdenum is an essential mineral that’s found naturally in our bodies and can help in ridding the body of the gases and toxins released by the dead Candida, it can be found at many health and vitamin stores. Soaking in a hot bath will also help to ease the die-off. What did your doctor give you for the die-off symptoms?

You mentioned your blood sugar; healthy adrenal glands will respond to low blood sugar by releasing compounds that restore blood sugar levels. However, during a Candida infestation the adrenals can suffer, and another thing is that anxiety and stress, as well as being on edge or being easily irritated are symptoms of adrenal exhaustion, so that could very well be your problem. Is your doctor treating you for adrenal exhaustion? Pantethine, acetyl-l-carnitine and carnosine support the adrenals as well as helping with stress. And about the best things to build your adrenals are vitamin C and a B vitamin by the name of pantothenic acid (B5). Do you take extra C? And I’m assuming you’re taking a strong probiotic (which will replace B vitamins in your body among other functions). Taking kelp can aid in repairing the adrenals also, and bee pollen will help to supply pantothenic acid.

By the way, one of the worse things we can do to our adrenals is to use stimulants like caffeine and nicotine. These, along with aspirin and amphetamines can actually weaken the adrenals.

Stay with us and talk to us, tell us what you’re feeling as often as you feel like it. You know there are lots of us here who want to do whatever we can to make you better.