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Cheers Able, sometimes it just helps knowing that you’re not alone. When I had my test (the Aysra system – comes from America) I was told that candida was the cause of many of my symptoms, (but no a bad case of candida) however there still may be underlying hormonal stuff going on and this will be easier to identify when the candida is under control. My nutritionist has given me antifungals, probiotics etc as well as herbs and stuff to help with the liver, lymph and adrenals, she felt that I would not feel too much in the way of die-off. Having heard some people on here I think that I’ve been lucky and not suffered as much – but I still feel rubbish at time.

I know that am perhaps impatient and I know that i do feel better than I did. I feel a bit like a hypochonriac at times! I do wonder how others see me, I used to be able to cope with high stress, keep going no matter what, now doing a bit of ironing can tire me out!! Talking of ironing, I hear it calling…….