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I had tests done last week with my General Practitioner last week.
The test name and my result are below.
You may benefit for some of these (S-Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Candida, etc.)

I specifically asked for some of these and the others he suggested.

S-CBC with Diff Normal Complete Blood Count, Spleen & Bone Marrow Functions
S-Sed Rate (ESR) Perfect Inflammation Marker
S-Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Normal Metabolic Panel / Electrolytes / Sugar / Renal & Hepatic Functions
S-TSH Normal Brain Pituitary – Thyroid Axis / Functions
S-T3 Low T3 Thyroid Hormone
S-ANA Titer and Pattern Negative Auto Immune Screening test
S-RPR Reflex Negitive
S-Candida Albicans Ab (IgG, IgM, IgA) Pending as of 2-22-13 @
Allergen Wheat Pending as of 2-22-13

I also had an “Allergy Scratch Test” that turned up positive for 29 allergens today. This completely changes the way I must Heal myself.

As with anytime you visit a general practitioner, you must do your homework and know exactly what you want. A GP will not typically look for root causes, just the symptoms.