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THANK YOU guys so much for the response! Everything mentioned is extremely helpful! And yes, I have tried using some forms of probiotics. About a year ago I bought a box of Culturelle after I had read something online that it might help burning tongue syndrome. I tried cutting the pill in half and emptying out the contents on my tongue. This did nothing for me.

Also, a few months ago I started using the Wal-Mart brand of Digestive Enzimes with Probiotics. This stuff really helps! As long as I take it before every meal, that gut-twisting sensation that comes on 3-4 hours after a fatty meal seems to loosen its grip. However, for REALLY fatty meals, like buffalo wings and ranch with a side of fries…forget it. Nothing’s gonna keep that pain away! LOL…

Alright…so it looks like I’ve got a couple of things to take care of before I start this diet. I’m SO glad I asked beforehand!

Is a naturopath the same thing as a kinesiologist, btw? Or close to it? One of my student’s father is a kinesiologist, and I often recommend him to other people. He is quite the miracle worker in my town, but I’ve always been too embarrassed to even mention my problems. Talking about diarrhea to a student’s parent…not sure how wise that is. But I might just make an appointment and suck it up.

I will try the HCL test first thing when I wake up in the morning and look further into those candida tests, and other possible bugs/parasites. That was enlightening information! I will also give green tea a try!

I don’t supplement with electrolytes. Actually, I avoid all drinks. My only fluids are my morning coffee, and then my 20+ 24oz tumblers of water a day. I quit juices and sodas and energy drinks when I learned how bad all that stuff is for you from this diet or that. Do electrolytes come in non-sugary or non-artificially sweetened drinks? I hear that word and all I think of are Gatorade, powerade, and pedialyte (not sure if that one’s sweetened). I can’t imagine ever being dehydrated after the amount of water I drink in a day. I can drink and drink and still feel very thirsty. But then again…I pee just as much. Hmmm…