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Hi again Able,

Thanks again for your advice. I have not tried 5HTP but it’s certainly something I’ll look into.

I think I finally just had some physical die off symptoms. It sounds strange but I was getting concerned that I wasn’t having any physical symptoms besides anxiety. I’ve only been on the diet and anti fungals for 6 days, but I was afraid it wasn’t working. Today especially I felt very strong. I went to an hour long yoga class, worked for a long time in my garden and still had the energy to go for a long walk.

Then I came home and ate the same type of food I’ve been eating all week; raw organic salad with sprouts, a bit of homeade tahini, and organic olive oil and lemon. All of a sudden I got diahrrea and my whole body started to itch and I’ve got litle red spots everywhere.

Could this be the beginning of die off? If it is I’m relieved. I was beginning to feel stuck and even though my body felt strong, it felt like it was supressing or holding on to something. Now I feel like it can finally release and relax. Does this make sense?