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I have not taken antronex but am familiar with standard process products. My ND feels that certain standard process products should be used on certain individual (types) and not others. He categories his patients into categories based on their ailments and based on those categories he prescribes specific supplements to them only and not his other patients.

So instead of antronex you really might need something like livaplex or allerplex (or maybe something else perhaps).

As far as thyroid issues, I would think this would be a cause of your infestation. If your thyroid health becomes compromised (typically due to adrenal health) then your bodies immune system is not functioning optimally. If this occurs then you can develop health problems like a candida problem.

What my ND has me doing to help heal it is to take 2 standard process products; prolamine iodine and thytrophin. This might not be the best product for you but just telling you what I am taking…

What you are going to need to do is a holistic approach to get better. You need to address multiple problems all at once like thyroid, liver, intestines, etc. with a specific set of products. This is pretty expensive from my experience and it takes many years as well, so this isn’t something to get better quickly usually…

I do agree that it sounds like your body is overloaded and one thing to keep in mind is that vitamin C is a great thing to use to lower histamine levels. A specific dose can reduce the levels by as much as 25% daily.

One thing I also would do is try out all of these changes gradually a few days apart. Then you’ll know what is going on. I personally highly suspect its the coming off the melatonin that is making you feel all weird right now. This is not a supplement you can take safely long term so its a very good thing you have stopped. However stopping cold turkey might not be the best way to ween off of it.

I haven’t heard of this sunflower lecithin stuff but it sounds like its used for acne. Be very careful with it because you could be allergic to sunflower seeds.

I recommend consulting an allergist because you could also take allergy shots to get over the histamine problems. You can also take candida allergy shots that tell your body to fight candida if you are allergic to it.