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I understand that you want to enjoy food. However, doing this candida diet changed my way of eating completely and what I used to think was good isn’t so anymore. I just need better guideline so I can cure.
Also, I’ve been taking coconut oil and raw garlics and I am ready to introduce more antifungals….since I thought good antifungals and probiotics are must to cure candida infestation.
And I do agree that the coconut oil is very tasty!

As candida_sucks mentioned you can heat up the oil. I would take just what you need in the small deep dish and heat up in the pot. Our apartment happens to be very warm and keeping the jar on the stove will make liquify.
As far as consuming it, put it on my salad as dressing, making a dipping sauce with cinnamon and stevia (yum!), or just take as is.

I still would like to know how I take my antifungals starting next week.
I will start with oil of oregano (north american herb & spice P73 regular strength).
Then after 2 weeks SF722.

I’m 5’1” and about 110lbs female (if that matters…)

Do I follow the instruction on the bottle?
For candida treatment, do I need to take more than what the bottles say?