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Marbro wrote: I worried that I am killing off my probiotics with antifungals.
Will garlic or coconut oil kill off the probiotics of kefir, yogurt or sauerkraut?
I take a probiotic pill at night now, no problem since I wait 2 hours after I eat but next week I want to start taking it in the morning as well. Would ACV be harmful to that? What about garlic?
How does everyone else do it? I would like to wake up and take a probiotic and maybe drink some kefir,perhaps eat some eggs or do I have to wait 2 hours after I take the probiotic to eat breakfast?

The most beneficial way to take probiotics and antifungals is below.

You can take a probiotic 1 hour before your meal or 2 hours afterwards, but no closer.

You can take an antifungal immediately before, during, or after a meal.

You should not take an antifungal within three hours of taking a probiotic including capsules, kefir, yogurt and sauerkraut.
I know this sounds difficult, but all you can do is the best you can. We’ve all had to at least try to do this, and there are a few of us here who are proof that it can be done correctly.

When I took probiotics twice a day, I would take one around 11 PM so that there was no problem with taking it on an empty stomach. I would then set my clock for six hours later at 5 AM and take the second probiotic capsule; I would then go back to sleep getting up a few hours later for a shower and breakfast.

You can work it out, just work on your own schedule.