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Thank you for reminding me of my weakness, raster. There is a deep habit of being reckless and going all out at the beginning of new adventures.

Could you share what your personal experience is with this: “Some people just dump the antifungals into their body and they feel horrible…its the worst idea ever (I did it at one time and thats why I am here basically).” Is there a thread where you talk about your beginnings on the journey? What kinds of antifungals did you take and at what kind of doses? Just curious. I am eternally gratefully you have prevented me from doing further damage to this body.

About Green Vibrance: I’ve taken this for periods of weeks on a few occasions and it always seems to be more beneficial than harmful. Most notably, my bowel movements are a lot smoother and more regular when I take it. That is to say, I notice the discomfort more when I do not take it. I will ease off the anti-fungal mindset and take Green Vibrance to test out what it does to the system by itself. Thank you for your concern about allergies. The thought of grass allergies had not even crossed my mind. When I run out of this as a probiotic, which products do you recommend for longer term probiotic care?

I will not purchase any more antifungals, per your advice, and I will work to shift the mindset from sprinting to running a marathon.

Could you comment on taking supplements to rejuvenate the liver, as a somewhat preventative measure (in general, and perhaps specifically regarding the ones listed below)?
Organic India Liver Kidney
Enzymatic Therapy Super Milk Thistle
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare LiverCare/Liv.52

I truly appreciate your support.