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As I am reading more and more of the forum, a couple of things seem important in conjunction with targeting Candida:

Eliminating heavy metals, especially mercury, through chelation
Parasite cleansing

A couple of questions:

1. Adrenal Fatigue: I have read a couple of sites about the causes and symptoms of AF, and I fit the criteria almost perfectly. I have always been somewhat of a perfectionist, a workaholic, and a reckless individual. I have spent thousands of hours playing poker (probably wrecks the most havoc on adrenal glands next to war), and have abused marijuana in the past. Based on your experience with other people on here, do you have any recommendations on how to modify the diet and supplementation for people with adrenal fatigue?

2. If I’ve eaten lots of sushi and fish in my life (my mom is Japanese), am I almost certain to have a higher-than-safe level of mercury?

3. Parasite cleansing: I read one should prioritize this before the Candida. What are your opinions?

Again, thank you for your guidance.