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You definitely don’t want to overdo antifungals and you won’t want to consume all of these at the same time. What I would do is start out with one SF722 capsule per day and slowly increase doseage by 1 per week until you get up to 9 per day. Then at that point its up to on what you can afford as a doseage…

Then I would introduce something else in like coconut oil or garlic and slowly increase doseage or even keep it the same for awhile.

Thats likely all of the antifungals you’ll need…try out some more if you want to, but I would start with these for like the first 3-6 months. The antifungals won’t cure you, they only kill candida.

Also the sunflower seeds likely are not good for the diet from my experience and I would remove them completely due to high mold content. The other nuts should be soaked before consumption for 24 hours to remove molds.